Question: your slogan „all or nothing”, what´s it standing for?

Daniela: If we do something, then we do this to the fullest or not at all. That means from the bottom of our heart,
with love and passion for our handcraft. To brew a tasty full-bodyied beer with the best ingredients, we have committed ourselves completely to our beer.

Question: Andy, how did you come to brew it all?

Andy: As a propper Upper Franconian, I came into contact with the cultural assets of beer
and the Franconian brewing at an early stage - this is almost tradition in our region, after all, we have the highest brewery density worldwide.
At the age of 14 I discovered my love for Bamberg beer and since then my passion for beer has never left me. 

Question: And you, Daniela? A woman as a brewer is still something extraordinary, one thinks of heavy man's work,
carrying boxes or repairing large systems?

Daniela: In fact, cleaning tanks is part of it, and when that's done, I know what I've done,
especially in winter when it's cold (laughs ...). I came in contact with the brewing business
as a litte girl, often looking over my father´s shoulder. I learned from an early age how creative and exciting beer brewing can be,
you can always try something new. Brewing is my life's dream, which I have fulfilled and which I want to realize and expand with my father.

Question: Andy, what was your most extraordinary beer experience?

Andy: That was in 2012 when we flew to Xiamen / China and got a large brewery factory running.
That was my most difficult job, a brewer from the small Upper Franconia in action in great China.
All the equipment was just there and nothing worked. In addition, it was of course not easy to make yourself understood.
After five days, the time had finally come: we had produced the first beer brew and in the end we managed to brew the desired types of beer.

Question: Daniela, what is a Zoigl?

Daniela: This is one of our most popular beers, a naturally cloudy historical lager with the finest
hops from only the best growing regions in Germany. It is stored for several weeks and has a particularly fruity and hoppy note.
You can drink Zoigl not only with a franconian snacks or for roast meat, but also with sushi or even sweets.

Question: Andy, you have already won several awards, what was your most important award so far?

Andy: That was 2016 with the award for best brewery in Germany at Ratebeer.
We were then invited to the Rate Beer Festival in San Francisco and served our Franconian beer at the annual awards of the best breweries.

Question: Daniela, what would you like to try out with a beer?

Daniela: A beer made from a woman only for women - women are much more eager to experiment and
taking care for taste, but also to the color of the beer.

Question: Andy, what was one of your most extraordinary beers?

Andy: Definitely the double smokebuck affumicator, but a really extraordinary beer would be the Black 90, a beer style of the RIS Russian Imperial Stout.
It is typically made with top-fermenting yeast, which has the property of forming completely different aromas during fermentation.
We added bottom-fermenting yeast to this beer and still achieved all the taste characteristics such as strong roasted aromas,
caramel, cocoa, coffee, dark chocolate, liquorice, fruit such as plum.

Question: Daniela, when you go out in the evening, what do you drink?

Daniela: I prefer to drink a beer. I like to compare other types and brands, which my profession involves.
But I love to drink one of our aromatic and spicy beers when I relax from work at home on the sofa and try to imagine new beer creations.

Question: Andy, what is it like to work with your own daughter?

Andy: Daniela was always there from an early age. I am proud of her that she steps in my footsteps
and has decided to open a brewery with me. In this way we can combine my knowledge with her visions and thus also appeal to
the younger generation, if necessary, I make it clear who is the top dog (laughs) ...

Question: Daniela, how do you see that?

Daniela: (laughs too) We´ll talk that out later on in private...